Color Chart

Color Chart

CSS Color Chart is an outpouring of my passion for CSS Colors.

I had used namespace colors in CSS in a limited way but had never investigated the comprehensive list until I came across a very colorful project that used only namespace values.

When looking for charts that had the comprehensive list, I was disappointed in how they were displayed. They weren't a good visual of what the colors would look like when applied and I had trouble telling one shade from another. So that was enough of an excuse to make my own and put them in rainbow order.

I loved organizing the colors into categories and then painstakingly trying different color orders. I don't always get time to obsess over the details and just revel in colors, so this was a guilty pleasure.

For this project I used Github pages to host a simple HTML/CSS/Javascript site. Imanol Aranzadi partnered with me to help with the Angular.js and make the values copy-able to the clipboard.

I enjoyed making this chart so much that I wanted to learn more about how they were named. I gave a talk at CSS Conf Oakland about what I found.